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Kantha Kimono - Paisley Sunshine

These reversible kimonos sold out so quickly last year, we knew we had to bring them back for this holiday season. Wear this kimono as a bathrobe, a swim suit cover-up, a long flowing jacket over a solid color outfit or even as a mans smoking jacket in true 70's style. Hand quilted from the same up-cycled, vintage cotton sari fabric as our Kantha Blankets. Just like the blankets they are buttery soft and will keep getting softer with every wash. One size fits most, 25" diameter (50" around) and 44" long from the shoulder. Grab one for yourself and one as the most unique gift you have ever given. It will feel like the sun is shining directly on you every time you wear this kimono. The teal background is covered with golden yellow paisley and leaf patterns. There is a wide decorative stripe down the back. The inside (remember its completely reversible) has multiple colors including salmon, white, black and yellow in a vertical stripe pattern.
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