No one has ever become poor from giving. ~Anne Frank

Recycled Bombshell Mandala Pendant

Finally back in stock! They make a gorgeous set with the matching Mandala Earrings. The Mandala has been a symbol of peace and serenity for thousands of years. The creation of Mandalas is often used by monks to represent detachment from distraction and material things. Made from recycled brass that was bomb shells and bullet casing. Our Bombshell Jewelry is truly a “From Violence to Peace” Collection.1.25" round on a black cord. Hand crafted in a small family run workshop in Cambodia Wear the Mandala close to your heart for a reminder of the importance of peace and serenity. Note: Recycled Brass Pendants are shipped with a 16" knotted black satin cord. Some variation in size happens due to being handmade.
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