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Cambodia Gift Set

4 Sets Available
Get a great deal when you buy a Gift Set! This set contains products made by our artisan partners in Cambodia; an Organic Silk Hand Loomed Crinkle Scarf in Marsala, a Recycled Bombshell Brass Peace Dove Pendant on a Black cord, and a pair of Recycled Bombshell Brass Peace Dove Earrings. Our Recycled Bombshell Brass jewelry is handcrafted from brass that is upcycled from the bullet casings and rocket casings that are prevalent in the ground in Cambodia following the decades of war they endured. Each piece is individually made in a small family run workshop. The organic silk scarf is handmade by women artisans in a village in Cambodia. The same artisan group handles every step of the process from harvesting the silk fibers, to pulling them into thread, dying with natural pigments and weaving the scarves on box looms. Each set comes with an information card.
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