Gender equality must become a lived reality. ~Michelle Bachelet
  • Posted on: 26 January 2018
  • By: Kari hughes


We just discovered this woman powered movement and we LOVE it!

Women around the world are OVER it.

The waiting and wishing for partners to figure out the whole, over hyped, Valentines Day romantic gesture thing. 

Then having hurt feelings if it doesn't go well.

We are sure our partners are completely over it too.

Sure, some may be romantics who look forward to the opportunity to choose the right gift and/or plan the perfect evening. Most aren't.

And, some of the most wonderful women we know are not currently in relationships.

That's why February 13 has been declared Galentines Day. 

A day to celebrate with your best girlfriends.

Celebrate Friendship, Celebrate Femininity, Celebrate Fun, Celebrate Each Other, Celebrate You!

Wake up on Valentines Day so full of your awesomeness that you are sending love everywhere.

Buy The Change is about empowering and celebrating women in every aspect of our successes and our challenges; the places where we feel like we have it figured out, and the places where we don't have a clue, the places where we feel like giving up but we get up the next day and get on with it anyway.

We celebrate YOUR loving heart and if we could we would invite you to a Galentines Day party on February 13th.

You still have time to plan a get together. Call your inner circle of fabulous women and make a date.