Be the change you wish to see in the world. ~Gandhi
  • Posted on: 5 March 2020
  • By: Kari hughes

We were sitting here talking about International Women's Day and it occurred to me that it's been almost 9 years since the first planning meeting for Buy The Change happened in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

At that point, all we knew for sure is that we had a calling and a passion to make a difference for women who need it the most, and to do it in the most respectful and uplifting way possible.

It turns out that women empowering other women is something we all care deeply about.  After 9 years and 25,000 product sales, we are still going strong.

Your purchases not only give life changing income to women artisans and their families, they fund grants and micro-loans for women owned businesses, safe housing, medical care and education.

Without you, and your ongoing support, Buy The Change would not be possible. 

International Women's Day does not just honor women living in developing nations, it honors you too. It honors your wins and your losses, your challenges and your resilience, your caring and your outrage. It honors the fact that despite everything happening in your life, you still support other women.

Thanks for being a Changemaker! It Matters!