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  • Posted on: 8 February 2015
  • By: Buy the change

Let’s face it. Valentine’s Day can be stressful. There’s so much pressure to get “the right gift”, and the definition of “the right gift” varies widely depending on things like your lady's style, or how long you’ve been together.

Have no fear! Buy The Change is here for you. We’re going to resolve all of your Valentine’s Day dilemmas.

First thing is first. Let’s pick “the right gift”. At BTC, our slogan is “Gifts That Matter” because every item we sell is bettering the lives of impoverished and at-risk families around the world. So, no matter what you pick from our inventory, she is going to LOVE the impact of your gift and think you are the absolute sweetest person in the world for being so considerate. 

Here are 7 of our fan favorites that would make amazing gifts for your gal:

1.     Julianna Acai Bead Bracelet & matching earrings. Available in 3 rich colors (blue has been the best-seller. If you’re unsure of which color to get, go with the crowd pleaser). ($22-$28)

2.     MOWI Paper Bead Necklace. A BTC bestseller, this is perfect for your eco-friendly lady love. ($34)

3.     Callie Cuff Bracelet. Classy and understated, this silver-tone cuff will knock her socks off. ($25)

4.     Elephant Pendant. BTC fans LOVE elephants! Give her the gift of good fortune – this elephant’s trunk is pointing up which is symbolic of good luck. ($30)

5.     Stacked Mother of Pearl Earrings. Genuine mother-of-pearl and sterling silver hooks, these earrings are a more sophisticated gift for your classy lady.  ($28)

6.     Golden Silk Shawl – the ultimate in luxury! Ladies love staying cozy in shawls and scarves, and this one is made of the softest raw silk. She’ll feel loved every time she wraps this around her. ($85)

7.     Organic Soap Stones. Made from 100% organic plant material, these have the richest and creamiest lather of any soap out there. Give her this set of 5 assorted soap pebbles and draw her a hot and relaxing bath. She’ll adore you for the pampering, and this gift won’t break the bank.  ($20) 

Now that the hard part is handled, let’s knock it out of the park and ORDER NOW. Timing is everything, and Valentine’s Day is THIS SATURDAY! We are getting down to the wire, but there is still time for you to have a stress-free Valentine’s Day and to show her just how much you care.

Our orders ship Priority Mail (2-3 business days). If you order by midnight on February 10th, you’ll have just-in-time delivery for the big day. Want it rushed? No problem! Message us at and we’ll send it out Priority 1-Day mail for an additional $45 shipping & handling.

Still stumped? Think it’s too late to get the perfect gift? Our BTC Gift Certificates are ALWAYS the perfect fit and are the right gift for the woman who knows what she wants – even when you don’t! The added benefit here is you can order ON Valentine’s Day and we’ll send you a printable gift certificate that you can give to her immediately.

There’s no need to over think it. Every gift will include information on how her gift has changed the world for the better. We are certain she will love the gifts you chose, and the world-changing impact will be the icing on the cake that makes her heart melt. Mission accomplished!!!

Did we solve your Valentine’s Day dilemmas?! Let us know! Comment below or email us.