The security of the woman is the security of society. ~Atifete Jahjaga
  • Posted on: 22 April 2015
  • By: Buy the change





What an amazing gift our planet is! From the red rocks in Sedona to the botanical gardens in Rio, we are part of something so miraculous it is hard to even fathom it. 

So, Ok, it's Earth Day.... and.....How does that apply to me?

Today is a day to think about our personal impact on this floating ball called Earth. Here at Buy The Change we are firm believers in the idea that the way to solve any problem or issue is for each of us to grab a little piece and do what we can with it. All of those little pieces join together to create change. Will the problem be solved and gone forever? No, but it can be better and sometimes that has to be enough.

Here is a list of simple things we can all do to reduce our negative impact:

1. Buy products with minimal packaging. Do we need 3 layers of packaging on anything we buy?  Does any product need to be wrapped in tissue inside a box, inside another bigger box?  No! The packaging almost always goes right into the trash.

2. Reuse Containers.  Granted it isn't very upscale or sexy to have a cupboard full of old cottage cheese containers but it is a bit crazy to throw them away and then go buy different containers (clear with blue lids) at the grocery store which are made out of the same plastic. 

3. Get a greener doggy bag. Does your favorite  restaurant still use styrofoam take out containers? Ask them to switch to something biodegradable. On that note, avoid styrofoam altogether. It takes more than 1 million years for it to breakdown in a landfill.

4. Cotton that little bottom. Disposable diapers are filling our landfills at a rate of 3.4 million tons per year. A switch to cloth diapers can keep you from contributing to that crazy large number. Even a switch to cloth at home and disposable while out and about could make a difference. 

5. Dispose of disposables. I mean get rid of them as an option for your home. Let's step away from all of the "one use and throw it out" products. Razors, ziplock bags, aluminum foil, paper towels, deli containers, plastic grocery bags, liquid soap bottles.....  The list goes on and on. Buy large containers of liquid soap and refill those smaller bottles, use old t-shirts and towels to clean, reuse plastic containers, replace the blades not the whole razor.

Together we can make those small changes that add up to something much larger.