When sleeping women wake, mountains will move. ~Chinese Proverb

When you purchase an item from Buy The Change, life saving income has been given to the woman who made it.  Some of our artists have been rescued from slavery both in the sex trade and as manual laborers. These women and girls often live in shelters which will be their homes for the rest of their lives.  They are taught vocational skills, educated and given medical care.  Without the income to buy food and pay school fees, other artisans are unable to keep their daughters safe and in school.  We know that the best way to keep a girl with her family and in school is to give her mother an income.  A much higher percentage of the income earned by women is invested in the family.  Every high risk mother wants it to be different for her daughters. 

In addition to being made by women, all of our products are fairly traded which means the artists were paid a living wage and worked under safe, humane conditions.  When you make the choice to buy from Buy The Change and other fair trade companies, you make the choice to be part of the solution.  

We love this video from MoveOn.org.  It does a wonderful job of highlighting why we feel so passionate about this company.