Once you choose hope, anything's possible. ~Christopher Reeve

Recycled Bombshell Brass Ring Necklace

Grabbing for the brass ring is symbolic of going for everything life has to offer. We LOVE! this long necklace because it is so simple but carries such an important message. Don't hold back, reach as far as you can and take risks. You won't always get what you are reaching for, but life will circle back around give you another chance. It is one of the new additions to our Recycled Bombshell Brass Jewelry Collection. The necklaces are handcrafted in a small workshop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The remnants of decades of war are transformed into beautiful, inspiration themed jewelry. The process begins with salvaged bullet casings and bombshells which are melted down and painstakingly formed into each pendant, bracelet or pair of earrings. 1" hammered ring on a long, knotted black satin cord. There will be with some variation due to being hand crafted.
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