In a gentle way, you can shake the world. ~Gandhi

Indra Bracelet - Red

This is boho (buy one, help one) style at it's best. We love pieces that are cute AND inexpensive. The Indra is a lightweight bracelet made by our new partners at Kiran Social Enterprise in Kolkata, India. Wooden beads in tones of red to brown with a red ceramic bead in the center and a pearl on each side. Buy this as a gift for all the socially conscious girls on your list, from ages 8 to 80. The size adjustable loop latch is made of hand forged copper. The copper will patina but can be brought back to a shiny look by rubbing it with a piece of lemon. Make a jewelry set by pairing this bracelet with the Kana Earrings and Priya Necklace.
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