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Buy The Change Gift Club - 3 Months

Your gift recipient (or you) will receive a Buy The Change gift box once a month for 3 months. Each box will contain one or more items with a total value of $40 or more, periodically much more! It may be a bag, a piece of jewelry, a scarf, or an exclusive item, only time will tell. The surprise is most of the fun. Direct shipments can begin immediately, or we can send the first box to you for holiday gift giving. Follow up boxes will ship on the 15th of each month. The first box will contain an explanation of the program and the length of the subscription. This is a gift that will keep reminding her of how much you care. All of this while also empowering women around the world. You will be charged sales tax on the value of your gift subscription if you are ordering within the State of Michigan. There will be no additional tax or shipping charges after the original order. Please enter a shipping address for your gift recipient. Send us a message using the contact form if you would like the first shipment to be sent to you or delayed until December 15th.
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