Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ~Theodore Roosevelt


The Buy The Change Foundation, which is a registered non-profit, was founded to support international woman-centric organizations through grant-giving. A different organization is chosen each year to be the grant recipient.  For 2013,
The Nepal Youth Foundation - Indentured Daughters Program is the beneficiary of the Buy The Change Foundation.

Founded by Olga Murray, shown above, the Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF) rescues Tharu girls who’ve been sold into domestic slavery by their families. Known as Kamlari, this system is a form of indentured servitude that continues 90 years after the official abolition of slavery on the plains of southwestern Nepal. Due to extreme poverty conditions, families often feel they have no other choice but to sell their daughters. The average yearly income per family is only $210. For just $100, the NYF is able to return the girls to their families and gives the family a goat or piglet to use as a source of income. The families are then able to sell the livestock for the same amount they would have received for their daughter’s labor (or even more if they breed the animal). Furthermore, this money allows the daughters to go to school, most likely for the first time in in their lives.

In ten years NYF has rescued over 11,000 Kamlari girls from slavery. Not only has NYF worked to change the laws, but they have also changed the way the Kamlari think. Now, the Kamlari are working together to abolish this cultural practice/mindset fueled by poverty, weak laws and the Nepalese Feudal class mindset.

The Buy The Change Foundation’s goal is to sponsor the rescue of at least 50 girls in 2013. 10% of all orders placed on the Buy The Change webstore will be donated to this campaign. In addition, you can show your support through a T-shirt purchase or through a direct donation. 100% of the proceeds from shirt sales go directly to the charity. Currently, our foundation has raised $1810 towards our goal of $5000. That equates to 18 girls being returned to their families!

You can find more information on The Buy The Change Foundation website, and watch a video NYP Indentured Daughter’s Program here.

As always, thank you for your support and helping us make it happen.