Our Mission: Empowering Women Through Trade

Buy The Change is a socially-conscious brand focused on commerce as a long term, grass roots
solution to issues faced by women in the developing world. By partnering with women to bring
their handmade products to the American market, we offer our customers the opportunity to
have a direct, global impact. Our products are ethically made and always fairly traded. As a
registered B-Corp (Benefit Corporation) we are focused on social change over profit and
creating positive outcomes for everyone we do business with; including artisans, employees
and customers.

Our Products:

Every product we sell is handmade by a woman facing severe economic and social struggles from human trafficking and war to extreme poverty. With income, women can gain safety, feed and educate their children, reduce dependency and have hope for the future. A girl whose mother has income is much less likely to die of malnutrition, be taken out of school or be trafficked into the sex trade. Although we do carry a few products made in family run workshops or workshops that also employ men, our products are almost exclusively handmade by women

How We Source Products:

In each country where we source products, we have developed a relationship with a locally managed NGO (non-profit). This is essential because very few of our artisan partners speak English or have access to internet and banking. Our NGO partners help us to get product orders to the women, distribute payments and ship completed orders.